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Meet Carolyn

·      Carolyn is a student at Redwood Continuation High School in Redwood City California.  She is 17 years old.

·      Carolyn fell "between the cracks" at her local high school.

·      Carolyn works at least 30 hours a week to provide food and pay the rent.

·      Carolyn's mother is unskilled and her father has disappeared.

·      Carolyn has suffered horrific trauma and abuse.


The hard facts:

A community of unbelievable wealth surrounds Redwood Continuation High.

However, Redwood's students do not always know where their next meal is coming from and many often cannot even afford transportation to school!!


So who are we (RHPEF) and what do we do?

Redwood High Promise Foundation (RHPEF) tries hard to make a difference. 

RHPEF provides college scholarships for students like Carolyn. 

RHPEF provides funds to increase classroom instructional supports comparable to the wealthy high schools in the area.

RHPEF provides opportunities for students to go on well-designed study trips.

RHPEF provides bus and train passes so students can get to campus every day.


Unbelievable but true!

Our foundation does NOT have a wealthy parent base working at big corporations who might provide matching funds.  

(FACT CHECK:  several local large wealthy corporations rejected us when we asked for help last year!!!)

What can you do to help students like Carolyn?

With your generous gift, RHPEF can and will provide the educational opportunities for Redwood's students need to give them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. When these students succeed we ALL succeed!


We care!  We hope you do too!


Thank you for giving generously this season. You will never regret it! Please!


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